NOTE: This kit will be replaced with the new Advanced Input Manager. If you have purchased the Mobile Controller Kit before the Advanced Input Manager was released, you will get a %50 discount for its full version!

Use the “Stencyl Mobile game kit” to create a head start with your next mobile game project! It can create multiple controller layouts with push buttons and thumb sticks that can be used in several types of games. The kit will automatically detect the screen size and orientation, and will adjust the placement of the components accordingly. The kit also includes an in-game preference editor where players can change the size of their controllers, so they have always the perfect size on every device!

All my kits include enough sample assets that you’ll need to use all its features, and they also allow you to export your games for commercial purposes!


  • 4 mobile controller layouts
  • Easy integration with custom blocks
  • Thumb stick direction lock
  • Ad-mob Manager (for Interstitial Ads)

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