Have you ever wanted to create a stunning sidescroller platformer game in Stencyl and got stuck because you don’t yet have the knowledge to create the behaviors yourself? Then this Platformer Starter Kit is for you! With this kit you can get your game up and running in no time, but still gives you a wide arrangement of tools and mechanics that allow you to make a game that stands out. I have made sure that even if you can already play your game almost immediately after importing the kit, you still have a wide variety of setting to change and give your game a personal feeling. You can always play the tech demo to get a glimpse all the hard work that went into the development of this high quality kit, and don’t forget to join my Discord channel if you have any questions or want to show us the progress of your very own game!

All my kits include enough sample assets that you’ll need to use all its features, and they also allow you to export your games for commercial purposes!

This video shows how to add behaviors without breaking the original mechanics!


  • walk, run and duck
  • variable jump height
  • dynamic walk animation speed
  • sliding animation for smooth left/right transition
  • smooth continuous or acute stop landings
  • death on collision or when leaving the camera
  • simple sound options for jumping and getting hit

Extra features

  • Exit signs to switch to a new level
  • Cheering state to celebrate a goal
  • Lever control that makes something happen in your level
  • Checkpoints that will keep track of the player’s progress in a level
  • Free future updates!

Extra features

  • Door teleportation
  • Ladder climbing
  • Rope sliding
  • Pole sliding
  • Free future updates!

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