Why Stencyl?

Easily learn how games work beneath the skin,

without having to worry about complex languages or typos! This is what I noticed right from the start when I began using Stencyl, after struggling to start with a regular game engine like Unity3D, or other drag and drop engines for that matter. What really makes Stencyl stand out, is that instead of the overused “press A to jump” options, you need to compose a script by using catogorized code blocks that represents actual pieces of code.

Code block catogories
A piece of Stencyl code

This will allow for an easy learning curve,

so you will not be easily demotivated when things get tricky. Stencyl has already taken care of most of the complex things like object references, cross referencing of variables in different scripts, and an easy to modify physics engine. So the only thing left for you to do, is learning to understand how a script is read by a computer or device. Below you will find an example code of a very simple script that allows the player to walk and jump around!

Simple movement script
Try the example game!

So now let’s have a look at the possibilities,

because one of the questions that I get allot is “but can you make a proper game with this?”. The answer is pretty straight forward, YES! Stencyl is by default a 2D game engine*, which means it uses 2D sprites to create games, instead of 3D models. Doens’t sound fermiliar? Think about games like Super Mario World, Flappy Bird, and even the first DOOM (Don’t believe me? Check this out!). Some games made with Stencyl even made it to Steam!

“Ghost song” , completely made with Stencyl
Check out Hello Comic’s streams!

All of these possibly lifechanging tools are free to use,

even if you want to make money of it with Flash trough in-game ads without royalitites! Testing can always be done for free on all platforms, but you will require an Apple license to test on Apple devices. Stencyl allows for exporting your games to Internet (Flash/HTML5), Desktop (PC/Mac) and even mobile (Android/iOS) in native code for the best performance. If you want to export your games to these other platforms, check out their pricing page!

* Stencyl is a 2D engine by default, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Some people in our active community have actually managed to create extensions that allow for 3D models in your Stencyl project! I am keeping this out of the picture for now since this is extremely advanced material that I don’t want to scare you with 😉